Saturday, May 8, 2010

In The Gym And At Recces

Alright, so one day I was in the gym (thats were we go in the mornings at school after we get of the bus) and we were sitting in our lines minding our own biz, when this black 5th grader says "dang I have to sit with the PLATO kids again". (PLATO is a speical program for smart kids I'm in) so he sat down and said d*** so me and my friend Kenneth dared this kid named Blake to go up to him and say do you wanna be friends. He did, so Blake crawled up to him and tapped him, so the 5th grader said "get off me!!!, I don't want to get plato-itice! So then Blake said do you wanna be friends and he said "HECK NO!!!" And belive it or not we didn't get in trouble! But the funny thing was the same day at recces me and another friend of mine named Tyler were kicking a ball back and fourth and Tyler acciedently kicked it so that it bounced off a moving car and went into somone's yard! So Tyler and I had to walk that class over to were the ball was (we can't walk across the street) and get it, and we didn't get in trouble that time eather!!

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